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sCicero is a small standalone application with the intention of making the adminstration of students and their results a little more easy.

It consist of an application and a databasefile that the application reads from. Since the information stored in the database is regarded as
personal information, an encryption is used on the database to keep it safe. It is at this moment an one-user-system since the application
only allows the creation of one user that can login in to the system.

It is designed to be able to be run from an USB-memory, so the teacher can choose between different location when working.

Every student is categorized into classes and each class belongs to a period of time (you could call it a semester). Every new semester
the user can choose to "upgrade" the existing classes and choose which student that will be members of the new class in the new
period. Every student can carry unlimited(well....) amount of documents stored in database.

Tests can be inserted into the system, and results that are connected to these tests can be placed on students indiviually or the class
as a group.

A lot of things is still to be finished(in no particular order):
  • Better consistenty within the UI
  • Better printing capabilites
  • Unit testing
  • Graphics (icons, buttons and so forth)
  • Smarter handling of tests.

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